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Welcome to Storied Awareness

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hello, and welcome to Storied Awareness! We’re excited to introduce ourselves and welcome you to our community of ambitious nonprofit leaders.

At Storied Awareness, we explore game-changing questions impacting the nonprofit sector by learning from real-world, personal stories. We use our insights to design programs that equip nonprofit leaders to meet their challenges head-on and love what they do.

Today we’re walking you through the three of our guiding tenets.

1. We believe the richest path to improvement is where thinking and feeling intersect - and that this is tough work.

By diving into this belief, we work closely with our participants to address vulnerability, pain points and the daily challenges of nonprofit leadership work - all while creating plans for growth.

This work is done through a unique set of leadership training programs that utilize personalized, action focused models to coach, train and mentor leaders. These include individual sessions with new and up-and-coming executive directors, partnership coaching with the board chair and executive director/CEO, and peer circles for experienced leaders. We also offer customized workshops and retreats for organizations and boards, which give participants a chance to learn, reflect and engage to incite actionable change.

2. We believe that the power of connection and understanding is radical.

A major tenant of the Storied Awareness mission is listening to, and learning from, the experiences of others. We conduct regular surveys, interviews and field studies on topics important to the nonprofit, philanthropic and educational sectors. These learnings are then utilized to provide relevant, data-driven recommendations to nonprofit leaders.

By diving deep into the stories of a diverse range of individuals, we help leaders to reflect on these varied experiences to create a framework for growth in their own leadership journey.

3. We believe nonprofit leaders need collaborative spaces to be seen, heard and understood.

Our work empowers leaders to reflect, connect and continuously improve. The ultimate goal is to give leaders the tools to more effectively serve their constituents and our communities. This includes everything from changing the way we support young professionals to addressing how we construct healthy relationships between a board of directors and executive leadership.

We’ve uncovered some critical tipping points that influence leaders’ willingness to stay in the position and lead with grace. Ensuring leaders feel heard and supported is essential. In addition, leaders want to get better at improving challenging professional relationships and openly navigating racial and social inequity across their organizations.

We believe the answer to these tipping points lies in knowing how to practice empathy across differences, build strong partnerships and increase our understanding of others - and the importance of listening and learning is absolutely critical in this work.

Tell Your Story

To deepen our learning and continue our work to equip nonprofit leaders to meet their challenges head-on and love what they do, this month we’re conducting a survey on diversity, equity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. Please consider filling it out to share your unique story.

We hope you’ll join us as we share insights from our data collection, leadership tips and personal reflections from industry peers. Follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for bi-monthly insights.

We’re looking forward to learning from, and growing with, our community in the future.


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