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Energy Leadership at Work

Workshops are interactive sessions that dive deep over a 2 - 4 hour period through presentations, group and individual activities.


Workshops can educate and train the team on a specific topic or push their work forward in a meaningful way.


Our workshops, which can be conducted online or on-site at your organization, give participants a chance to learn, reflect and engage to incite actionable change. 

Featured Workshop
Energy Leadership at Work: What's Your Story?


Energy Leadership™, created by iPEC, transforms something abstract - your experience of the world - into something tangible. Exploring Energy Leadership helps you understand what’s impacting your ability to:


  • Be a better leader

  • Reach goals with ease

  • Decrease stress


By applying insights gained through this session, you’ll be on your way to more effective and inspired leadership, and transforming your ideal work life into reality. 


During this session you will learn:

  • 3 stories that hold leaders back from their full potential

  • 7 Levels of Energy Leadership

  • How the 7 Levels of Energy influence you, your colleagues and your organization

Customization and opportunities to dive deeper into Energy Leadership are available. 

Additional workshops cover critical issues for nonprofits striving for success during times of transition and change. These include:
  • Advice From The Field: Nine Truths of Nonprofit Leadership
  • Building a Trusting Nonprofit Executive-Board Partnership
  • Investing In Leadership: Why Nonprofit Executives Leave & Why They Stay
  • Reducing Stress and Increasing Mental Well Being at Work and Beyond

Set up a consultation with Michele, to know each other and explore how a workshop may meet your needs. Schedule it here with Calendly.

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