Retreats can explore important topics, such as:
  • Succession planning for the future
  • Deep dive into an important strategic issue
  • Goal setting around specific areas of strategic plan
  • Creating constructive relationships across the board
Each retreat will include a planning meeting with the executive and board chair, a pre-survey or interview with each board member and a written report at the end to summarize key takeaways and action items for the group.
Get Connected!

Workshops are interactive sessions that dive deep over a 2 - 4 hour period through presentations, group and individual activities. We work with your organization’s entire board of directors, educating and training the team on a specific topic, helping them make a decision, or pushing their work forward in a meaningful way. Our workshops, which can be conducted online or on-site at your organization, give participants a chance to learn, reflect and engage to incite actionable change. 

Support Group


Many nonprofits are searching for an opportunity to explore deeper work around important topics facing their organization. Planning a retreat offers your board the chance to come together and build relationships and camaraderie, while eliminating the distractions that can take place in the office. Off-site or online and lasting 1 - 2 days, retreats are an opportunity to prepare for the future in a relaxed and engaging manner. 
During our workshops, we cover critical issues for nonprofits striving for success during times of transition and change. These include:
  • It’s All Relational: Building a Strong Executive-Board Partnership
  • What’s A Board To Do? Amplifying Board Success
  • Investing In Leadership: Why Executives Leave & Why They Stay 
  • Where Are We Heading? Claiming A Shared Vision For The Future
  • Other topics as per request

Created in partnership with the executive and board chair, retreats are developed based on the needs at hand and can include time for workshops, reflection and a creative space to 

connect. The combination of targeted training and broader exploration allows strategic decisions to be made in a thoughtful, guided manner.

We work closely with you to develop customized workshops that assess your needs, determine the best approach and clarify the agenda. Depending on what we craft, after the workshop you will receive a summary of the material or a write-up of work accomplished to guide long-term change.

Set up a free 20-minute consultation with Michele, where we get to know each other and explore how a training, workshop or retreat opportunity may meet your needs. Schedule it here with Calendly.