At Storied Awareness, we believe that the richest path to improvement is where thinking and feeling intersect - and that this is tough work.  Our research-based programs provide a generative space for nonprofit leaders to do this work in a supported, professional manner.

New Executive Guide

During the 9-month engagement, the executive director will: 
  • Identify organizational and personal leadership gaps
  • Define and accelerate progress towards personal and professional goals
  • Clarify impact on key stakeholders
  • Receive targeted technical support
  • Utilize guided self-reflection to continuously improve their leadership approach
  • One-on-one, weekly engagement comprising 60-minute sessions

No one hires an executive director expecting them to leave within a few years. No one takes a new job wanting to feel unsuccessful and overwhelmed. Yet again and again, this is what happens across the nonprofit sector. Organizations are especially vulnerable when the new hire has never held the role before.
The Executive Guide program addresses this vulnerability by helping new leaders capitalize on strengths, improve where needed and manage the many layers of their role with grace. A combination of understanding, empathy and a spoonful of medicine, the Executive Guide program gives new leaders what they need to flourish in the role.  

Board-Executive Partnership Coaching

A critical tipping point in the success of a nonprofit organization and the retention of its leadership is the partnership between the board chair and executive director. Partnership Coaching is designed to improve the effectiveness of this relationship so that organizations can reach their goals faster, handle challenges with intention and steward resources more effectively.

Two Coworkers Chatting
During the year-long engagement, the pair will:
  • Develop partnership norms and professional expectations
  • Learn how to support each other in their respective roles
  • Create a strong board and organizational culture
  • Address situations and challenges as they arise
  • 90-minute coaching and strategy sessions that occur monthly, plus targeted advisement on board engagement and management

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