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Coaching Circles

Many nonprofits leaders are searching for an opportunity to explore deeper work around important topics facing them and their organization.

Coaching Circles bring a group of hand-selected nonprofit executives together over a 6 month period. A trained leadership coach facilitates the weekly sessions focused on deepening their engagement and impact as leaders. 

Who Joins Coaching Circles?
Ambitious nonprofit leaders seeking: 
  • Deeper insights
  • Quicker Decisions
  • Heightened Self-Awareness
  • Greater Impact
  • Better Relationships
Support Group
What Else Is Important?
Storied Awareness Coaching Circles are not for everyone. The best fits are nonprofit leaders who believe:
  • Leadership is a skill and worth taking the time to improve and fine-tune
  • Relationships, connection and vulnerability are at the heart of solving all problems
  • Generous feedback is a gift to be given and received with grace
  • The richest path to improvement and impact is where thinking and feeling intersect
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