What Is Storied Awareness?

We believe that the power of connection and understanding is radical.

At its core, Storied Awareness creates spaces for nonprofit leaders to be seen, heard and understood. Our work empowers a new generation of leaders to reflect, connect and continuously improve so they may more effectively serve their constituents and our communities. Here's a great interview with Michele that explains Storied Awareness in more detail. 


We serve:

  • ​Ambitious up-and-coming executives, heads and board leaders

  • Organizations and individuals at times of leadership transition

  • Seasoned nonprofit executives and boards needing to fine tune big ideas


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All of our work combines insights from our industry surveys, interviews and field research to help our clients understand and reflect on their own stories and their leadership impact. Michele Reiner, a nonprofit leadership expert, designs and leads each interaction with an emphasis on turning learning into action.

Why Storied Awareness?

We know the richest path to improvement and change is always at the place where thinking and feeling intersect - and that this is tough work. 


By pushing ourselves to understand and reflect on our stories and the stories of others, we cannot stop ourselves from shifting. Once individuals start shifting, the impact ripples out to transform other individuals, families, organizations and communities.


We cannot always answer our own questions and find solutions to our leadership challenges alone. But by answering them together - thoughtfully and intimately - the answers will be transformational.

About Michele Reiner

Storied Awareness is led by Michele Reiner, a nonprofit professional with 25 years of experience in the industry. She has held leadership and directorial positions at many non-profits including The Children’s School and Cool Girls, and has since provided professional nonprofit consulting to industry leaders for over a decade. By maximizing the capacity of purpose-driven executives, Michele helps people reach their goals faster, steward resources effectively and love what they do. 


Michele has gained valuable training experience as a certified professional coach with IPEC, coaching and head coaching with Akimbo's altMBA, founded by Seth Godin, and work with numerous clients.


She has won industry awards including the Oprah’s Angel Network Use Your Life Award and the Greater Atlanta Community Foundation Managing for Excellence Award. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University.


She currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her family. They are in the coaching phase of parenting with their two teenagers and the training phase with their 8-year-old, which includes lots of conversions, laughter and creative tension. Michele enjoys playing the ukulele with The Real Ukuladies of Atlanta and is currently authoring a children’s book.


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Michele's coaching has been invaluable to me in navigating a new leadership role this year. She is a deep listener and a thoughtful guide, advising when necessary but more often asking the right questions to get me to the answers I need. Her wisdom and depth of experience has been a gift. I highly recommend Michele as a coach.

-Kimbrell Smith, Head of School of the Atlanta Girls' School

"Michele’s understanding of the dynamics of how people can be brought together to make important decisions in a stress-free way made our time with her easy and fun. She brought a depth of experience and a confidence in the potential for creative change that  has proven invaluable to our




She shepherded us through an inspiring array of exercises and activities to bring out previously unspoken insights and realizations that have already changed the way we do business. We are healthier and more proactive now as an organization, and we anticipate that our collaboration will continue to yield fruit."

-Stewart Cubley, Founder and Executive Director of The Painting Experience

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Michele is a gem- she is an inspirational voice of reason, ready to apply the power of ideas and harness the potential of individuals to help turn obstacles into opportunities.


As the Executive Director of a small non profit in its nascent phase, she facilitated a 

weekend workshop, presenting ways to maximize board and staff. Her documentation of work was succinct, tapping into the innovative spirit she and I felt among our board members. 


Michele continues to offer heart wise counsel with quiet grace and deep intelligence. Look no more- you have found your expert!”


-Barbara Lenoble, Executive Director, MaCOM Atlanta

“Truly Living Well’s work with Michele was transformational. She was able to listen to our story, learn from our team, and help us map a clear and operational direction towards our future aspirations. With humor, joy and intelligence, Michele was a support for me and our organization in a way that just made sense. I unabashedly support and recommend the work of Michele Reiner.”


-Rashid Nuri, Founder and Former Executive Director, Truly Living Well

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“As chair of the The Children’s School’s board of trustees from 2013-2016, Michele initiated and partnered with the board, community and administration on a number of critical and impactful projects. She has a clear and transparent style of leadership that listens well to different viewpoints, offers respect and patience to all, and is inclusive of any difference of opinions while still decisive. 


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Her support and ability to shed her own ego aside in favor of the institution’s needs and interests earned her tremendous respect not only from my team and me but from her peers on the board and the rest of the parent community as well. She has had a tremendous influence on my own growth as a leader and head of school. I still lean on Michele for her counsel and guidance and hope to work with her again in the near future.”


-Nishant Mehta, Head of School, The Children's School

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