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Nonprofit Executive Guide Program

Did you take your job to feel
unsuccessful and overwhelmed? 
Did you hire a leader
in the hopes they would fail? 
I didn't think so! 
Unfortunately, nonprofits and their leaders often find themselves in this state, 
making them especially vulnerable
to leadership turnover.
Fortunately, there is a solution - 
The Executive Guide program supports nonprofit leaders during important times:
  • The first year on the job

  • Big organizational shifts

  • Leadership transitions  

  • The '5-7 year itch' period

The Executive Guide Program helps leaders: 
  • Define and accelerate progress towards personal and professional goals
  • Assess current skills, identify any gaps or areas to strengthen, and craft a growth plan
  • Continuously improve their leadership approach to fundraising, board engagement, staff management and community presence
  • Clarify impact on key stakeholders - and strengthen relationships where desired
  • Increase self-awareness and personal efficacy, expanding ability to handle challenges with ease
The Executive Guide is a year long engagement with a trained & trusted confidant including:
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching
  • Annual half-day goal setting session, incorporating results of: 
    • 360 review with proprietary ELI Leadership Assessment tool
    • Individual Nonprofit Leadership Skills Assessment
    • Organizational Assessment appraising organizational capacity in eight key areas 
  • Weekly check-ins on progress and needs
  • Guidance and mentoring on improving Staff Management, Board Relationships, Fundraising, Planning and Relationship Building 
  • Access to all videos, tools and content from Coaching Circle (topics include - Goal Setting, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Decision Making, Self Advocacy, Challenging Limiting Beliefs and Authentic Leadership)
  • Additional personalized support depending on client/goals

Set up a free consultation with Michele, where we get to know each other and

explore how a leadership development opportunity may meet your needs.

Schedule it here.

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