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Storied Awareness

Helping Ambitious Nonprofit Leaders Unlock Potential & Love What They Do

Are you passionate about your work, yet feel isolated or overwhelmed at times?

What if you could feel energized, supported and inspired right now?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re working nonstop but not seeing desired results.

  • You're sensing burn-out on the horizon, and don’t want to let your team down.

  • You want to be more intentional with your decisions and actions.

  • You’re facing unrealistic expectations from your board, your team - and even yourself.


What if you could…

  • Get out of the weeds and lead more strategically

  • Let your guard down with someone in your corner

  • Prioritize, delegate and increase your effectiveness

  • Become more confident in your leadership style

Feel supported, energized, focused — and

THRIVE in your role?

Hi, I'm Michele

I’m a nonprofit leadership expert and coach, with decades of experience serving leaders like you. 


As a former nonprofit executive, board chair and consultant, I know what it takes to lead from all sides - and what can get in your way.


My personalized coaching engagements are designed specifically for you - an ambitious nonprofit leader. 


What clients are saying.

“Michele's coaching was invaluable to me in navigating a new leadership role. She is a deep listener and a thoughtful guide, advising when necessary, but more often asking the right questions to get me to the answers I need.”



Curious to explore how to unlock your
authentic leadership style?

Invest in yourself by untangling current challenges, understanding what you can and cannot do to effect change, and putting your dreams into action. 

Over 12 sessions you’ll define and accelerate progress towards your goals, increase self- awareness around challenges and change, and be held accountable for taking action to improve your leadership approach.
Going through a big organizational change? Been a leader for a while and want to redefine your role and relationships? Want to take on a new role with someone in your corner?

This 12 month engagement is designed to support leaders during transitional and vulnerable times in their roles through unlimited 1 on 1 coaching, targeted organizational troubleshooting, and personalized guidance.
Looking for support, camaraderie, professional development, and accountability? Join a small group of hand-selected nonprofit leaders for leadership development training and coaching on real-time situations.

Over this 6-month period, you’ll build supportive peer relationships while deepening your engagement and impact as a leader
Online Class
We all have extraordinary untapped potential. Through this one-of-a-kind assessment and a debrief with me, you will understand what blocks and diminishes your energy at work, so you can begin shifting your energy and taking steps toward leading with the passion and impact you desire.

Ready to Get Started?

Take my free quiz to uncover the secret ingredient of your leadership style!

After taking the quiz, you'll get a series of actionable leadership techniques to increase your impact at work.

You’ll also get my monthly newsletter, with stories, tips and tools for ambitious nonprofit leaders. Don't worry, you can opt out whenever you want

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