Listening and Learning for Insight and Action

We explore game-changing questions impacting leadership and the nonprofit sector by uncovering real-world, personal stories that speak to the victories,
needs and challenges of leaders like you.  

Insights from our research drive service design allow us to personally and effectively
equip purpose-based people to meet their challenges head-on and love what they do.

Our research-based coaching provides unique opportunities for nonprofit leaders wanting
to embrace their intuitive leadership skills and deepen the impact of their work.
Our group coaching engagements are a chance to dig deep into the important topics facing your organization
in a generative and insightful manner.
Online Class
Workshops, retreats and professional development trainings

We use industry data and personal stories to support cutting edge action in the nonprofit, education and philanthropic sectors.


Storied Awareness is led by Michele Reiner, an industry professional with 25 years of experience leading and consulting with nonprofits. Michele understands what it takes to lead and brings a passion for actionable change to Storied Awareness.


We conduct regular surveys, interviews and field studies on topics important to the nonprofit, philanthropic and educational sectors. Fill out a survey and share your valuable experience to help those in your community learn and grow.