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Internship Opportunities 

Are you resourceful, collaborative and know how to take initiative?
Looking to learn and improve your skills in a real-world situation?
We'd love to have you join as an intern!​
Social Media & Marketing Intern
Use your skills to develop and manage our social media, website, marketing and outreach platforms to generate interest in the products and services of Storied Awareness and ensure the work is accessible and available to nonprofit leadership in Atlanta and beyond. 
You'll excel in this role if you have an understanding of the nonprofit sector, knowledge of digital marketing tactics, strong interpersonal skills and excellent writing, editing and graphic skills. You display creativity and the ability to keep abreast with the latest industry developments and know how to get things done when working independently and remotely​.
  • Creating strategy for and updating social media platforms
  • Generating content for social media, blog and other mediums
  • Creating and delivering email campaigns
  • Optimizing all business content represented on the web
  • Advising on trends and revising accordingly
  • Analyzing the success of campaigns and ROI
  • Advising on and managing the creation and delivery of additional marketing strategies
  • Other responsibilities as created
  • Experience in online marketing
  • Excellent writing, copywriting and copy editing skills
  • Highly organized with strong attention to detail
  • Knowledge of web analytics
  • Adaptable, creative and flexible
Team Meeting
  • Practical experience with varied business activities
  • Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with experienced and accomplished business professionals
  • Opportunity to attend business meetings and networking events
  • Flexible schedule for students
  • Hourly compensation
Send cover letter and resume to
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