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Workshops are interactive sessions that dive deep over a 2 - 4 hour period through presentations, group and individual activities.


Workshops can educate and train the team on a specific topic or push their work forward in a meaningful way.


Our workshops, which can be conducted online or on-site at your organization, give participants a chance to learn, reflect and engage to incite actionable change. 

During our workshops, we cover critical issues for nonprofits striving for success during times of transition and change. These include:
  • Advice From The Field: Nine Truths of Nonprofit Leadership
  • Energy Leadership At Work
  • Building a Trusting Nonprofit Executive-Board Partnership
  • Investing In Leadership: Why Nonprofit Executives Leave & Why They Stay
  • Reducing Stress and Increasing Mental Well Being at Work and Beyond
  • Other topics as per request

Set up a free 20-minute consultation with Michele, where we get to know each other and explore how a Peer Circle or a workshop may meet your needs. Schedule it here with Calendly.

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