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The richest path to improvement is where thinking and feeling intersect.
Coaching programs create the space to understand this intersection and find your way forward

Nonprofit Leadership Coaching

No one hires a new leader wanting them to quit. No one takes a new job to feel unsuccessful and overwhelmed. Yet, this is exactly the situation many nonprofits and their leaders find themselves in, making them especially vulnerable to leadership turnover.
Nonprofit Executive Coaching helps Executive Directors, CEOs, Heads of School and other nonprofit leaders capitalize on strengths, improve where needed and manage the many layers of their role with grace.   
During the 9-month engagement, you will: 
  • Define and accelerate progress towards personal and professional goals
  • Assess current skills and identify any gaps, areas to strengthen and areas to hone
  • Increase self-awareness and expand thinking in regards to professional challenges and personal efficacy
  • Clarify impact on key stakeholders
  • Receive targeted technical support
  • Utilize guided self-reflection to continuously improve your leadership approach
  • 18 one-on-one coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, over the course of a year
  • Mentoring and guidance, as needed outside of coaching sessions
  • ELI Leadership Assessment (individual or 360) and personalized debrief
  • Open access to coach via email and text
  • One complementary board workshop

Why Coaching?

Nonprofit leaders make change and influence the world around them. Yet, it's easy for big dreams and goals to lose their steam because we are not clear how to reach them.

This is frustrating because you don't have the luxury to waste money, time, energy and resources.

Through our 1:1 coaching relationship, you will find the space to untangle current challenges, understand what you can and cannot do to effect change, and put your dreams into action.

Set up a free 30-minute consultation with Michele, where we get to know each other and explore how a leadership development opportunity may meet your needs. Schedule it here.

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